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Research conducted by Lenovo™ reveals more than two-thirds of Gen Z and Millennial respondents feel it’s important to give back and contribute positively to local communities during a ‘Work from Anywhere’ experience.

Work for Humankind is a bold initiative in partnership with Island Conservation and the Robinson Crusoe Island community that calls on volunteers from around the world to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: to experience first-hand how to make a long-lasting difference with a remote island community. All this while working from one of the most remote offices in the world enabled by tech.

The Better India got together with Lenovo to help volunteers from India join this unique initiative. Here’s what the campaign helped create.

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Meet our India Representative

Shivya's journey began over a decade ago, when she quit her full-time corporate job at the Singapore Tourism Board, gave up her apartment, sold most of her belongings and embraced a nomadic life. She is an award-winning travel writer, the author of a bestselling travel memoir, and a passionate advocate for environmentally conscious, community-led, vegan and experiential travel. Shivya was featured as one of 15 travel trailblazers by Travel + Leisure India & South Asia in 2021.


Write to Shivya and send your best wishes

Shivya is at Robinson Crusoe Island from 6th Feb to March 14th, 2022

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Write to Shivya and send your best wishes