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Careers With Purpose Partners FAQ’s

Q: Is there a cost associated with becoming a Program Partner?

A: No, becoming a Program Partner is free of charge.

Q: How do I become a program partner?

A: To become a program partner, fill out the partner onboarding form and attend a brief onboarding call with our team.

Q: How do I connect with the cohort before the fair?

A: You can connect with the cohort before the fair through virtual meetings and introductions facilitated by our team. We'll also share a docket with the profiles of our participants in advance to help you make meaningful connections.

Q: What is the timeline of my engagement?

A: The timeline of your engagement varies based on the cohort. For the upcoming second cohort, it includes informational interviews from October 16 to 22, with flexible scheduling options. The "Careers With Purpose" Fair is scheduled for December 9. We plan to run multiple cohorts in the future, and we're open to maintaining an ongoing partnership with you for this program.

Q: How many hours does this engagement require?

A: Total time commitment of 3 hours over 2 months

Q: Is there more information available about the participants from the previous cohort?

A: Yes. You can visit our program website by clicking this link to know more details about our previous cohort.

Q: When can I get access to the profiles of the current cohort?

A: Before the informational interview, we will be sharing a docket with the profiles of our participants

Q: How many participants would be a part of the current cohort?

A: The upcoming cohort will consist of 30 participants

Q: What is the average background and work experience of the cohort?

A: The average background and work experience of the cohort vary, but participants typically have diverse professional backgrounds with experience ranging from 5 to 25 years in various fields. This diversity enriches the learning experience and offers a wide range of perspectives.

Q: Who are my fellow hiring partners? What are their backgrounds?

A: Your fellow hiring partners represent a diverse range of sectors, each with a focus on social impact and sustainability. Here are the sectors they come from:

  • Tech4Good
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Farming & Agritech
  • Poverty alleviation & Economic Development
  • Finance & Crowdfunding
  • Education & Skills development
  • Ecosystem building
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Media4Good
  • Health & Wellness
  • Human Rights & Social Justice
  • Disaster Relief & Management
  • Mental health & Wellbeing
  • Art & Culture
  • Community Development & Infrastructure
  • Gender Equality & Women Rights
  • Youth Empowerment & Leadership
  • Governance & Policy
  • Food, Hunger & Malnutrition
  • Sustainable energy

These organizations bring diverse expertise and backgrounds to the program, creating a rich environment for collaboration and impact.

Q: How can I stay updated on program developments and updates?


Program Newsletter: Subscribe to our program newsletter to receive regular updates, news, and announcements directly in your inbox.

Email Notifications: Keep an eye on your email for important program-related communications, including invitations, event details, and news.

Program Team Contact: Feel free to reach out to our program team if you have specific questions or need further information about program developments.

We strive to keep our partners informed and engaged throughout the program journey.

Q: How are the program participants selected?

A: The program participants are selected through a rigorous process that involves the following steps:

Application Form: Participants are required to complete a detailed application form. This form assesses various aspects, including their functional expertise, passion for social change, sector of interest, motivations, and more.

Screening: Our team reviews and screens all received applications based on predefined criteria.

Interview: Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews to further assess their suitability for the program.

Selection: The final selection is made based on a combination of the application, interview performance, and alignment with the program's goals and values.

It's worth noting that the selection process is highly competitive, and only a limited number of participants are chosen from a large pool of applicants. For example, in our last cohort, we selected only 18 participants from over 1000 entries. This ensures that the program maintains a high standard and that participants are well-aligned with the program's objectives.

Q: Are there any success stories or case studies from previous Program Partners?

A: Yes. You can visit our program website by clicking this link for detailed success stories.

Q: What is the process for setting up interviews or meetings with program participants?

A: The process for setting up interviews or meetings with program participants is straightforward:

Participant Profiles: We will provide you with a docket containing profiles of the program participants, including their backgrounds, skills, and interests.

Selection: You can select the participants you are interested in interviewing based on their profiles and alignment with your organization's needs.

Scheduling: We will coordinate with the selected participants and schedule interviews or meetings based on your availability and theirs.

Regular Interview Process: You can then conduct your regular interview process or informational meetings with the chosen participants to assess their fit for your organization.

This process ensures a seamless and efficient way to connect with and evaluate potential candidates from the program.

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