Switch to a career in India's growing social impact sector

Join our 8 week immersive program to make a seamless career transition to the social impact sector.

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This program will enable you to

This Program will enable you to section image
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    Gain insights into India's social impact sector and discover work opportunities aligned with your values, strengths & purpose

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    Seamlessly transition to the impact sector by leveraging existing strengths and skills

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    Engage in real-world social impact projects, learn ground realities, and test ideas with guidance from prominent changemakers and thought leaders

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    Build a professional portfolio with an upgraded resume & get access to job, internship and apprenticeship opportunities to take the first steps towards a high-impact career

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    Join a close-knit community of changemakers, forging lasting connections with mentors, peers, and collaborators in the ecosystem

This program is for you, if you are

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A professional looking for impactful work but

Don’t have a clear path to make the shift

You'll leave with knowledge, opportunities, and a plan for a career in social impact.

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Somebody with a social innovation idea

With an intent to solve a social issue but don't know how to make it a reality.

You will leave with domain insights, mentorship, resources and community to help you take the first steps towards actualizing your idea.

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In search of a second career opportunity

You've had a successful career stint and are taking a break from work to explore new avenues

You will leave with a clear understanding about the social impact sector and if that is a feasible work or career option for you.

TBI Facilitators​

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Rajat Kukreja

(Founder's Office- The Better India)

An impact professional, Gandhi Fellow and former social entrepreneur brings his extensive experience of working with social change leaders from NGOs, social enterprises and impact funds. Rajat has dedicated his career to supporting purpose-driven startups and individuals seeking to make an impact.

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Dhimant Parekh

Co-founder of The Better India,

With his strong background in technology, strategy, and social entrepreneurship, Dhimant has been instrumental in driving social impact and creating a ripple effect of change across the country. His deep understanding of the social impact landscape and his passion for empowering individuals to make a difference make him an invaluable resource for guiding you on your journey towards a fulfilling career in the social sector.

And Many More..!!!

Real changemakers every week

Live interactions with real changemakers every week

In depth conversations & guidance from leading changemakers, thought leaders & guest experts

Guest Experts​

Aakash Sethi

Aakash Sethi

CEO, QUEST Alliance



Founder,Tech4Good Fellows

Aditi Seshadri

Aditi Seshadri

Co-Founder, Unlock Impact & Nushu Network

Aakash Sethi

Myah Payel

Career Transition Coach

Venkataramanan Sriraman

Venkataramanan Sriraman

Executive Director, eVidyaloka Trust

Details Coming Soon

Pooja Sehgal

Lead Communications, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Unveiling our hiring, internship & apprenticeship partners soon.

Details Coming Soon
Details Coming Soon
Details Coming Soon
Details Coming Soon
Details Coming Soon
Details Coming Soon

Our Curriculum

1. Getting to know the sector & career opportunities:

  • Explore diverse organizations and CSR laws, identify growth opportunities and create a larger impact.
  • Understand finance for social impact and identify challenges and opportunities in specific domains and geographies such as Environment, Gender, Technology, Health, Policy, Education, Arts & Culture, and Livelihoods.

2. Career & Transition Plan:

  • Create a vision for your North Star career
  • Identify personal values, build a financial plan, find opportunities matching your needs
  • Create a pilot plan for your transition to an impact-first career.

3. Managing Mindset & Expectations:

  • Learning & Practising the right mindsets
  • Managing your own & community’s expectations

4. Competency building:

  • Identifying the skills needed for a high-impact career
  • Transferring your existing strengths & skills to social impact sector
  • Making a continuous learning plan

5. Networking and Peer Learning:

  • Building a strong mentor pool in the impact sector
  • Building a professional peer network & community of practice

6. Myths and Ground Reality:

  • Things to be mindful as you enter the sector
  • Getting to know ground realities and challenges & getting equipped

7. Upgrading your professional portfolio:

  • Upgrading your resume & professional portfolio
  • Creating a pilot project to kick off your impact journey

8. Field visit/ Organisational visits

  • Interactions with leading organisations team members to get an inside view of impact orgs

Program Schedule

*Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis

  • Program Begins

    June 25

    Orientation session

  • Program duration

    June 27- August 18, 2023

    Program sessions

  • End

    August 19

    Closing Event

  • End


    Community interaction

Weekly Schedule

All live sessions and guest expert sessions will be held after work hours and the exact class timings will be customized according to the batch’s preference.

  • Monday

    Prep Day/ Get Stuff Done Day

  • Tuesday

    tuesday icon

    Live 90 minutes sessions

Community Platform

24/7 connect with batchmates and program teams + Ask any questions

  • Wednesday

  • Thursday

    tuesday icon

    Live 90 minutes sessions

  • Friday

    friday icon

    Guest Expert Sessions

Live Classes and peer connects

Every week 2 Live classes conducted by The Better India facilitators including the founder- Dhimant Parekh

  • Saturday

  • Sunday

    Self paced study and project work

Guest Sessions

Weekly interactions with industry experts and successful social entrepreneurs

Join the rank of India’s change-makers while building a meaningful career


Live sessions with leading change-makers


Career Coaching


Collaborative Projects


Job Connect


Investor connect


Completion Certificate


1 on 1 mentoring


Lifetime access to learning content


Online Community

A powerful peer network

Out of 1000s of applications we have received, only 18 participants will be selected for the 1st Cohort.

Your batchmates will have diverse professional backgrounds and 5-20 years of work experience in top organizations in India.

peer section image
peer section image

Job interviews, internship & apprenticeship connects with leading organizations in the sector.

Program fee

Rs 50,000

Secure your place in the first cohort at a special rate. Prices may increase later. Act fast!

You can apply to the program by filling an application form. Please Note: If your application is selected you'd be invited to block your spot by paying the full program fee.


*Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis

  • Early Launch

    April 10

    Early launch

  • Public Launch

    May 17

    Submit application

  • Last date to apply

    June 20

    Last date to apply

  • Applications Review

    June 3

  • Cohort Finalized

    June 5

  • Program begins

    June 25

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Powered by the world’s largest impact-driven content platform

As the world's leading impact content platform, The Better India offers an immersive experience into the world of social impact. Leveraging our experience of working alongside a diverse sets of innovators, NGOs, civic organizations, and impact investors, we have crafted a program that empowers young professionals to create real impact.

Careers With Purpose FAQ’s

Q: Is the program designed for young professionals only? Can someone above a certain age apply?

A: The program is designed for professionals of any age who are passionate about creating a social impact. We encourage individuals of all ages to apply if they feel this program aligns with their career goals.

Q: Will I get placed in a company after completing the Career With Purpose Program?

A: While we cannot guarantee placements, the program aims to prepare you for a career in the social impact sector by providing networking opportunities, mentorship, and connections with leading organizations. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in this field.

Q: When does the program start, and can I access recordings if I miss a session?

A: The program is scheduled to start in the 25th June. We understand that participants may have prior commitments and will provide recordings of the classes for those who miss any sessions.

Q: What is the structure of the program, and what are the focus areas each week?

A: The program is built in collaboration with industry experts and leading organizations. It covers key areas such as self-discovery, leveraging your strengths, understanding the social impact landscape, building a high-impact career roadmap, problem-solving, innovation, networking, and finding opportunities. We are also open to customizing the curriculum based on the participants' specific learning needs.

Q: Who will be facilitating the program content?

A: The program will be facilitated by our internal team of professionals, including The Better India's Founder, Dhimant Parekh. Each week, we will also bring in leading change-makers from the social impact sector to provide valuable insights and guidance.

Q: Is there a scholarship available for the program?

A: Currently, we do not offer scholarships for this program. However, we have taken your feedback and will discuss the possibility of offering scholarships for future batches. We follow a transparent pricing policy and will share details about how the program fees are utilized to create value for participants.

Q: When is the convocation ceremony, and where will it be held?

A: The convocation ceremony in Goa is optional and will be finalized based on the number of participants opting for it. More details will be shared closer to the program's end.

Q: What time will the online live sessions be held?

A: The program timings will be designed with working professionals across different time zones in mind, with sessions scheduled after work hours which are convenient for all participants.

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