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This program will enable you to

This Program will enable you to section image
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    Explore India's impact sector; find job opportunities.

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    Use your skills to switch to social impact.

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    Real projects, mentor guidance, tangible experience.

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    Enhance your portfolio and resume.

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    Job, internship, and apprenticeship access.

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    Connect with mentors, peers, and collaborators.

This program is for you, if you are

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Seeking impact driven work but uncertain?

You'll gain knowledge, opportunities, and a career plan in social impact.

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Have a social innovation idea?

Don't know how to bring it to life?

Get domain insights, mentorship, resources, and a supportive community to make it happen.

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Seeking a second career?

On a break, exploring new horizons?

Discover if the social impact sector is your next feasible career path.

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TBI Facilitators​

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Rajat Kukreja

(Founder's Office- The Better India)

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Rajat Kukreja, our core facilitator, is an Impact Professional and former Social Entrepreneur. With extensive experience collaborating with NGOs, social enterprises, and impact funds, he empowers purpose-driven individuals and startups on transformative journeys. Rajat's unwavering commitment ensures participants receive invaluable guidance from a true social impact expert.

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Dhimant Parekh

Co-founder of The Better India,

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With his strong background in technology, strategy, and social entrepreneurship, Dhimant has been instrumental in driving social impact and creating a ripple effect of change across the country. His deep understanding of the social impact landscape and his passion for empowering individuals to make a difference make him an invaluable resource for guiding you on your journey towards a fulfilling career in the social sector.

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Learn with leaders:

Weekly wisdom from experienced mentors

Guest Experts​

Aakash Sethi

Aakash Sethi

CEO, QUEST Alliance

Ed-tech & Skills Training



Founder, aikyam fellows

aikyam fellows

Aditi Seshadri

Aditi Seshadri

Co-Founder, Unlock Impact & Nushu Network

Development Communication

Shoaib picture

Shoaib Dar

Founder, Pi Jam

21st Century Education

Pooja Sehgal

Pooja Sehgal

Lead Communications, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Healthcare & Systems Change

Venkataramanan Sriraman

Venkataramanan Sriraman

Co-Founder, eVidyaloka Trust

Education & Public Systems change

Anita Kumar

Anita Kumar

Head, Amazon in the Community

Strategic CSR

Prarthana Gupta

Prarthana Gupta

Global Email lead-

Development Finance

Srishti Sehgal

Srishti Sehgal

Learning design expert- LxD Lab

Self learning & Development

Dhairya Gangwani

Dhairya Gangwani

Founder & Career Coach, Dhairya Decodes

Resume & Linkedin coach

Sai Mani Kumar

Sai Mani Kumar

Personal Finance Coach, SMK financial solutions

Personal Finance Planning

Tanya Malhotra picture

Tanya Malhotra

Associate Manager, The Nudge Institute

Systems Change

Abdul Siddiqui picture

Abdul Siddiqui

Sr. Program Manager, Recity

Circular Economy

Ashwan Wadhwa picture

Ashwan Wadhwa

Founder, Smart Beej

Social entrepreneurship

Rahul Balakrishnan

Rahul Balakrishnan

Founder, Arthan Careers

Careers In Social Impact

Varun Chawla picture

Varun Chawla

Founder, build3

Social Startup & Funding

Program Schedule

We are accepting applications for the second cohort.

  • Program Begins

    Oct. 29

    Orientation session

  • Program duration

    Oct. 30 - Dec. 22, 2023

    Program sessions

  • End

    Dec. 23

    Closing Event

  • End


    Community interaction

Secure job interviews with 35+ impact organizations

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Want to know more about the curriculum?

See what our previous cohort members are saying

Before joining this program, I lacked direction in entering the impact sector and understanding its inner workings. The program's content and facilitator, Rajat, helped me create a clear 3-year plan and roadmap. Meeting fellow cohort members with similar challenges proved to be a valuable learning experience as we supported each other throughout our journey.

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Sharath Srinivas

Currently working as Director of Product Management, Rising Academy Network

I feel more confident about the success of my journey after this program. I lacked a clear understanding of the non-profit sector, the networks to find a good job opportunity & had not narrowed down on my goals. This program forced me to create a vision for myself and helped me narrow down the area to focus on. I have taken up a job opportunity as a senior consultant in a Non-Profit as the first step.

mentor image

Hima Nandan

Currently working as Principal Specialist - Partnerships & New Solutions at Udhyam Learning Foundation

Before joining this program, I was unaware of the opportunities in the social impact sector, lacking essential information on where to begin. Now, I have a clear path for pursuing my idea and accessing funding, mentorship, and support in my journey. As the program advanced, my ideas crystallized, and I began crafting an action plan.. The program's activities and team support facilitated the progress of every member in pursuing their individual interests.

mentor image

Shyamala Radhakrishna

Ready to launch her own Agritech enterprise

I feel I lacked a plan and tools to transition to the impact sector. I had long wanted to move to the impact sector but didn’t have a clear understanding of the sector and the jobs. This program helped me get a clear direction for finding my place in the impact sector. I am now confident and have a structured plan to upskill, network and find the right role for myself.

mentor image

Pranav Varma

Working as a mentor with aikyam fellows labs

I wanted to do something to solve the poor condition of weavers in the North East but I was not sure how to get started. One of the exercises in the program helped me map out my strengths and work on a strategy to partner with a friend to launch my own social enterprise idea. In a small way, I have started taking baby steps towards my desired export venture of Silk and handicrafts of Assam and other Northeast states.

mentor image

Shivani Tibrewal

Ready to launch her own social enterprise

Before the program, I aimed to learn about and connect with social impact organizations in Education & Legal Literacy. Now, I am more confident and clear in pursuing my desired path, armed with concrete options and a supportive community for feedback and inspiration. The program illuminated various ways to address the issues I'm passionate about.

mentor image

T P Janani

Ready to spread Legal Literacy in India

I've always wanted to align my career with my passions and values, but I lacked a clear plan. This program gave me the financial guidance I needed to pursue my ideas and connect with impact-focused organizations. Now, I'm consulting with Kheyti, developing my prototype, and working a full-time job. Thanks to this program, I'm exploring ways to contribute to rural development with a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

mentor image

Rajarshi Kolli

Currently working with Kheyti and developing his own prototype, along with a full time job

A powerful peer network

Our previous cohort consisted of accomplished professionals from diverse backgrounds including scientists, ex-CEOs, marketing & tech leaders, and many more.

Be a part of a community of passionate future changemakers.

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The Nudge Institute Session (Week 2)
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Online Career fair

Job interviews, internship & apprenticeship connects with leading organizations.

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Program fee

Rs 50,000

Rs 75,000

Or pay in 3 easy installments

Apply now by filling the application form Please Note: If your application is selected you'd be invited to block your spot by paying the full program fee.

Our 100%

Satisfaction Promise

A good program fit for you is our priority. If you find that the course isn't the right fit for you within the first 10 days, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

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We are accepting applications for the second cohort.

  • Application begins

    Sept. 14

    Early launch

  • Public Launch

    May 17

    Submit application

  • Application close

    Oct. 27

    Last date to apply

  • Program begins

    Oct. 29

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Powered by the world’s largest impact-driven content platform

As the world's leading impact content platform, The Better India offers an immersive experience into the world of social impact. Leveraging our experience of working alongside a diverse sets of innovators, NGOs, civic organizations, and impact investors, we have crafted a program that empowers you to create real impact through your career.

Careers With Purpose FAQ’s

Q: When is the program commencing and finishing?

A: Oct 29 - Dec 23, 2023

Q: What is the refund policy in case of discontinuing the program midway?

A: Our refund policy is designed to be fair to both participants and the program itself. If you decide to discontinue the program midway, we will assess your individual case based on the specific circumstances. While we cannot provide a full refund, we may offer partial refunds on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to our support team to discuss your situation, and we will do our best to find a suitable solution.

Show More FAQ's
Q: What is the refund policy before program commencement?

A: A full refund of the program fee, minus a 20% processing fee, is available if you decide to withdraw from the program before it officially commences. We will deduct the processing fee and process the refund promptly. Please note that this policy applies only before the official start date of the program. Once the program begins, refunds will not be provided after the first week

Q: Which fields do hiring partners come from?


  • aikyam fellows
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Farming & Agritech
  • Poverty alleviation & Economic Development
  • Finance & Crowdfunding
  • Education & Skills development
  • Ecosystem building
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Media4Good
  • Health & Wellness
  • Human Rights & Social Justice
  • Disaster Relief & Management
  • Mental health & Wellbeing
  • Art & Culture
  • Community Development & Infrastructure
  • Gender Equality & Women Rights
  • Youth Empowerment & Leadership
  • Governance & Policy
  • Food, Hunger & Malnutrition
  • Sustainable energy
Q: What is the cohort size?

A: The size of the second cohort is up to 30 participants.

Q: How do we nominate candidates for the program? What are the benefits of referrals and who can nominate?

A: Candidates can be nominated for the program by current or past participants, program partners or guest experts

Benefits of Referrals:

  • Candidates nominated by the first cohort will receive a 10 percent discount on the program fee.
  • Referrers have the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of the program by recommending individuals who can benefit from it.
  • Referrals help create a stronger, more diverse, and engaged community within the program.

Who Can Nominate:

  • Current or past program participants.
  • Program partners.
  • Guest experts.

Nominations can be made by contacting the program organizers and providing information about the nominee's background and interest in the program.

Q: Will you be guaranteeing job placement?

A: We do not guarantee job placement as part of the program. However, our aim is to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and network connections to enhance their prospects in the social impact sector. Throughout the program, we provide support, resources, and opportunities to help participants in their career transitions, whether that involves finding employment, starting their own impact ventures, volunteering, or pursuing other opportunities.

While we can't guarantee job placement, we do work closely with program partners and organizations in the social impact space to facilitate connections and potential employment opportunities for our participants. Additionally, our program is designed to empower participants to take ownership of their career transitions and make informed choices to achieve their goals in the impact sector.

Q: Will this program help me with my current job?

A: The primary focus of the "Careers With Purpose" program is to help individuals transition into roles and careers in the social impact sector. While the program may provide valuable skills, insights, and networking opportunities that can be beneficial in various professional contexts, its main emphasis is on preparing participants for roles related to social impact, sustainability, and related fields.

If you are looking to make a career shift into the social impact sector or explore opportunities in this domain, the program can be highly beneficial. However, if you are primarily seeking career development or advancement within your current field or industry, you might want to explore other programs or resources that are more aligned with your specific career goals.

In summary, "Careers With Purpose" is tailored for individuals interested in pursuing meaningful careers in the social impact space, and it may not be the ideal fit if you are solely looking to enhance your current job in a different industry.

Q: What if I am not able to attend the live sessions? Will I still get the program certificate?

A: While the general requirement is to submit at least 75% of the assignments to earn the program certificate, we understand that circumstances can vary. We are open to considering special cases on an individual basis.

Q: Will I get a program completion certificate?

A: Yes, upon successfully completing the program, you will receive a program completion certificate. This certificate acknowledges your participation and the skills you've gained throughout the Careers With Purpose program.

Q: What is the weekly time commitment expected from participants?

A: The program typically requires a commitment of approximately X hours per week. This includes live sessions, assignments, and networking activities.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for joining the program?

A: While there are no strict prerequisites, basic English and computer skills & a strong passion for social impact and a willingness to learn and engage with the material and community are highly recommended.

Q: Will I have access to program materials after the program ends?

A: Yes, program participants will have access to program materials and resources for a specific duration even after the program concludes to continue their learning journey.

Q: How are the live sessions conducted, and what if I can't attend them in real-time?

A: Live sessions are conducted via Zoom, and they are typically recorded. If you can't attend a session in real-time, you can access the recording later to catch up on the content.

Q: What support is available for career guidance and mentorship during the program?

A: We offer career coaching sessions, mentorship opportunities, and access to our network of social impact professionals to help you navigate your career path.

Q: Are there opportunities for networking with program alumni?

A: Yes, we have an alumni network that provides ongoing networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

Q: What is the structure of the program assignments and assessments?

A: Assignments and assessments are designed to be practical and applied. They may include case studies, group projects, and individual reflections.

Q: How diverse is the program cohort?

A: We aim to create a diverse and inclusive cohort, welcoming participants from various backgrounds, industries, and locations to enrich the learning experience.

Q: What are the career outcomes of previous program cohorts?

A: We have seen program alumni successfully transition into various roles in the social impact sector, including with NGOs, social enterprises, impact-driven startups, and more.

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