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How to Recognise a Story? Ask Yourself the Following:
  • Does it empower people with the information and tools to make a difference?
  • Does it give a voice to an idea or initiative or innovation that is creating an impact and needs to be supported?
  • Does it give vital information that can benefit people and increase awareness in society?
  • Will it encourage people to contribute towards impact and change?
  • Will it encourage conversations around an important issue and has the potential to lead to policy level or large-scale change?
  • Will it encourage more people to do good or be good or want good?

Found a story?

Here’s what to do next.

Send us your pitch by writing to tbiyoungjournalist@thebetterindia.com

with Subject Line: “Young Journalists [Story Format]”

Interested in this program? Register here to receive regular updates!

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Email should contain the following:-

  • Your name and name of the college/school that you study in.
  • A brief about the story in 100 words.
  • The complete story in the form of a word attachment or google document.
  • Which format is your submission for? Article, Video, Social Media post, Multimedia content.
  • Name of person/s you have interviewed for this story.

What are the formats that you can send your submissions in? Let’s find out.


  • Duration - 50 to 55 seconds
  • Aspect Ratio - Vertical Format (9:16)
  • Video needs to be shot and edited seamlessly to convey the story
  • Can be shot using any device such as mobile phone or DSLR


    600-800 words with 5 pictures

    article 1

    Leaving Behind City Lives, We Turned Our Ajji’s House Into A Beautiful Homestay

    Childhood friends Anuja and Sneha have converted their grandmother’s house into an eco-friendly homestay called The Kokum Tree, located in a Maharashtra village.

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    article 2

    ‘This is Ratan Tata, Can We Meet?’: Duo Earns Crores Transforming India’s Fuel Ecosystem

    With Repos Energy, founders Aditi Bhosale and Chetan Walunj are looking to stabilise the gap between the demand and supply of fuel with doorstep delivery. Their transformative idea found its first fan in Ratan Tata.

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    article 3

    19-YO’s Tech ‘Mimics Nature’ to Keep Fruits, Veggies Fresh Without Refrigeration

    Chennai student Mahek Parvez has innovated SunHarvested CoolRooms, a sustainable alternative to cold storage that “mimics nature” to increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by three times.

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    article 4

    After His Building Caught Fire, 16-YO Designs Device for Faster Detection of Gas Leaks

    Sensafe, a device made by Mumbai resident Shiv Kampani helps reduce the response time that in most cases leads to large fire accidents.

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    Social Media Stories

    300 words with 3 picture

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    sample 3

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    What Will You Get?

    Every student who gets five stories published on The Better India will receive the TBI Young Journalist certificate from The Better India.


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