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Stories of Ordinary Indians

The Book of Hope

The Book of Hope is perfect for a nation that refuses to give up. Curated by The Better India, these stories serve as a pick-me-up when you're feeling down, or when you need a reminder that in the end, we'll make it through.

People talk about reimagining the future—but I believe that a better future is already here. All that’s required is for its voice to be heard and magnified. Thank you, The Better India, for doing that so well.

— Anand G Mahindra Anand G Mahindra
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Vision Behind The Book

This book is an archive of a nation’s collective goodness. Stories are what connect us and remind us that hope is always possible, and the lives of these ordinary Indians will surely inspire you. These are the experiences of real people who found love, overcame loss, worked towards achieving their dreams, or those who bravely fought against societal norms. This book is a testament to the fact that anyone can do it — even you.

This book is one more reason to believe in our country and the 1.3 billion people who inhabit it. We hope this book shows you that India is much, much better than you think.

Anuradha Kedia and Dhimant Parekh
Stories of Ordinary Indians

The Book of Hope: Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary Indians

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