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We have faced unprecedented challenges in the last couple of years. But it’s heartening to see how citizens united to help each other in the throes of the pandemic. Additionally, technology solutions, such as chatbots, played a critical role in enabling us to help society at large. Smart chatbots are simplifying and transforming lives and contributing to social good in many ways.

To uncover such stories of social change driven by tech, The Better India and Gupshup bring to you an innovative campaign: #ConversationsForGood.

Gupshup is a leading provider of conversational engagement solutions that enable better customer engagement. Across verticals, thousands of large and small businesses in emerging markets use Gupshup to connect better with their consumers and drive richer, personalized and more interactive conversations.

7 billion messages
7 billion messages
4x growth
4x growth
10 best AI-powered enterprise
10 best AI-powered enterprise


A chatbot is an app that interacts with humans in a contextual and conversational way. Humans also interact with it using text, graphics, or speech, thus providing a means of two-way conversations between a machine and a human.

Chatbots are usually used to automate repetitive tasks where human inputs are not required. It may be able to seamlessly redirect a conversation to a live human agent if it cannot adequately understand or answer the customer’s queries.

A basic chatbot online can serve varying purposes, such as answering FAQs, assisting users in their transactional journeys, or providing relevant links to the users searching for something on a website.

However, AI chatbots online with a more robust framework can offer various advanced features like filling slots, completing transactions, taking orders, or even assisting the users in finding the resources they are looking for in a website. Chatbots have been helping businesses improve their efficiencies for a long time by providing a sophisticated and intelligent experience.

A `` chatbot platform be used to create and customize chatbots to provide users with alerts, purchase notifications, reminders, etc. A chatbot can also enrich chats within a messenger service like WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram with content from third-party providers.

Simply put, a chatbot platform enables automated conversational workflows or chatbots without complicated coding, programming knowledge, or technical expertise. Gupshup’s chatbot platform is ideal for businesses looking to quickly create chatbots to automatically answer customer queries, and deliver unique conversational experiences.

-Yes, it can. Poor internet is no obstacle as the text-based UIs of messaging apps consume very little bandwidth, and chatbots delivered by SMS don’t require internet at all.

-Chatbot technology is often driven by AI, natural language processing, and machine learning. At a basic level, a bot works by analysing text or voice data input, considering the most appropriate response, and delivering it back to the user via a chat interface. Chatbots can be emdedded in several major chat messaging products (Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Whatsapp, etc.), or can also be run as an independent platform.

With the zero-code chatbot platform from Gupshup, you can build any kind of customized chatbot for your business, and publish it in just a few minutes. Gupshup’s chatbot platform is ideal for businesses looking to quickly create chatbots to automatically answer customer queries, and deliver unique conversational experiences. With pre-defined templates and numerous customisations, you can instantly launch your chatbot on your preferred channel in next to no time.

-There are many widely available tools that allow anyone to create a chatbot. Gupshup’s chatbot platform allows you to build once and deploy across 30+ channels. The company is building the most advanced and comprehensive conversational engagement platform. is a powerful one that automatically takes care of hosting, monitoring and tracking chatbots. Brands can now focus on delivering interactive experiences and building strong customer relationships.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbots enable a natural, human-like conversation with people. Chatbots make it easier to drive conversations with anyone, anytime, anywhere, in a language of their choice - so they can be a powerful platform to advance social causes quickly and effectively.